Vorarlberg State Press Office

Vorarlberg State Press Office

Informing the citizens of Vorarlberg on the aims and activities of the State of Vorarlberg is the main function of the State Press Office. In most cases the information is communicated via the domestic media. The various media are provided with information in a systematically developed and smoothly running system. In some cases communication takes place in direct contact with the citizens.

The State Press Office is responsible for coordinating all schedules and for various organisational tasks in the media sector, e.g. the keeping of a digital image archive, placement of advertisements, media coverage of State campaigns etc. In addition to this it also publishes its own media as well as coordinating the State's Internet presence.

Alongside this media and citizen information work in Vorarlberg, the State Press Office organises and coordinates the media presence of the State of Vorarlberg at national and supraregional events (e.g. Arge Alp, International Lake Constance Conference), thus assuming an important function in the presentation of our State to the outside world.

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Our  website State Press Office provides you with all the information relevant for the press, e.g. dates, headlines etc. (link to German page).

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