History & Facts - State symbols

History & Facts - State symbols

Overview State symbols

Coat of arms 1863 - 1918
The coat of arms of the State of Vorarlberg is the Montfort red banner on a silver shield.

State colours
The colours of the State of Vorarlberg are red and white. They form the State flag which consists of two equal horizontal bars, the top one red and the bottom one white.

State seal
The State seal is round and bears the State coat of arms with the inscription "State of Vorarlberg".

State anthem
Since 1949 the State anthem of Vorarlberg has been "‘s Ländle, meine Heimat", words and music by Anton Schmutzer (1864 to 1936).

Patron saint
St. Joseph is the patron saint of Vorarlberg. His feast day, a "State holiday", is on the 19th of March.

Logo: Vorarlberg our State
The development of the logo was accompanied by a number of surveys of the public and Landhaus employees. The aim was the compact implementation of the brand "State of Vorarlberg".



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