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The State of Vorarlberg on the Internet



State & Politics - State Government

State Governor Mag. Markus Wallner

Landhaus Bregenz, Room 6/604
Tel. +43 5574 511 - 20000
Fax +43 5574 511 - 20090

Parliamentary group VP

Current press releases (link to German page)


Special functions:

Representation of the State
Authority to issue directives and instructions in all matters of indirect federal administration and order administration of the federal government
Chairmanship of the State Government
President of the State School Council for Vorarlberg
Chairman of the Office of the State Government; as such the district authorities also answer to him


  • Financial matters
  • Asset administration
  • Policy control
  • European affairs and external relations
  • Youth empowerment
  • Child and family services
  • Personnel
  • Government services
  • Fire and rescue service
  • Catastrophe services


born on 20. Juli 1967 in Bludenz
married to Sonja, two daughters, one son
living in Frastanz

Education and career:

Leaving certificate from the Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium Feldkirch
Studied political sience and history at the University of Innsbruck
1991 to 1994: Federation of Austrian Industry, Vienna & Vorarlberg; European Commission, Brussels; DEC (international EDP company)
1995 to 1997: ÖVP Vorarlberg in Bregenz
1997 to 1999: Personal assistant of State Governor Dr. Herbert Sausgruber
1999 to 2006: Managing director of the ÖVP Vorarlberg

Political career:

since 2005

Community Councillor of the ÖVP in Frastanz

2000 to 2006

Member of the Vorarlberg State Parliament

2003 to 2006

Club chairman of the ÖVP parliamentary group

2006 to 2011

Deputy State Governor

since Dec. 2011

State Governor


Carmen Vallazza, DW 20005
Manuela Hauser, DW 20006


Dr. Susanne Sonntag, DW 20010
Florian Themeßl-Huber, DW 20126
Gernot Bereiter, DW 20011
Jürgen Abram, DW 20125


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